Our Events!

When we aren’t spending our time on campus, we have the opportunity to go to many fun events with our sisters! These include our parent’s weekend, formals, date dashes, and preferences. It is nice to enjoy the time away from school work, and spend the night with our sisters doing something fun that our wonderful event directors plan!

Parents Weekend!

Every fall semester we designated weekend for the parents of Gamma Sigma’s to come and visit. This weekend is filled with events that show our parents what it truly means to be a Theta. Usually, there is tour of the house, a dinner or brunch with our families and some other fun activities. This weekend is always looked forwarded to because we are able to share our love for Kappa Alpha Theta with our families!

 Formal, Date Dashes, and Preferences!

We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to have formals, date dashes, and preferences to take a break from our school time, and have fun with our sisters! Both formals and date dashes provide the opportunity for Gamma Sigma’s to invite a guest of their choice to have fun and dance the night away, or play mini golf!