As Theta’s, we believe the bonds of sisterhood are something that can never be broken. We are so incredibly grateful to be surrounded by a group women, who are caring, charismatic, intelligent, and overall loyal. Each semester, to celebrate and foster our bonds as sisters, we organize numerous fun & exciting events. Aside from formally planned events, Gamma Sigmas are always together whether it be watching TV, studying, or cheering one another on to be the greatest that we can be!

We cherish our sisterhood very greatly, and are so thankful for all of the events that bring us closer together!

Some of our bigger sisterhood events include, our Founder’s day brunch, and our sisterhood retreat. Along with that we have many beach days, go on hikes, have food events, watch movies, go to the pumpkin patch, visit each others hometowns, and so much more! We also are very fortunate enough to have private shopping events, and attend workout class together. We love spending time together on both our big and small spontaneous adventures!


As part of the Gamma Sigma tradition, with each new member receives a big sister. The “Big” is an older member who has been in Theta. As part of being a Big, they are there to be a role model to their little sis, and guide them through the crazy adventures of being in a sorority!